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Antenna & Feedline Attachment Guide

Examples of Proper Installation


Cables attach to the tower with "beam clamps" below.

Additional Protection

Grounding of the feedline is important for adequate protection from lightning.  Feedline grounding kits are available from most of the suppliers listed below, that will attach to our extensive ground system .  Additional lightning protection can be realized by using an "inline" protector, such as shown below.

These are made by Polyphaser  

It is also important to properly weatherproof the feedline connection to the antenna.  Shown below is a typical jumper-to-feedline connection that has been properly weatherproofed.  In addition, properly marking your feedlines on both ends is necessary to identify cables.


Links to supplier sites
Tally Communications
TESSCO Technologies

Links to manufacturer sites
Andrew Corp.
Roxtec Inc., makers of "Port Seal"
Polyphaser Corporation