Elsinore Peak Shared Communications Facility

Located in the Cleveland National Forest overlooking the fast growing areas of Temecula, Elsinore, Canyon Lake, Murrieta Hot Springs, and Rancho California, in Southern California. To the East, Lake Paris can be seen. This 1,800 square foot shared communications facility is constructed of all concrete and steel, including a poured in place concrete insulated roof, thereby being virtually fireproof.  The site is available for all wireless uses, including cellular, point-to-point microwave, land mobile repeaters, paging transmitters, MMDS, satellite receivers, Wireless Internet Service, etc.  This facility is designed to accommodate the demand for space at Elsinore Peak, which has gone unfulfilled over the last decade. In addition to any rent, each tenant who resells communication services, will be required to pay a small Forest Service fee for the use of the underlying land.  This fee will be collected annually, in advance by facility manager and forwarded to the Forest Service. 

An unobstructed view of the populated areas to the East, extending from North to South.

North                   East Northeast                       East                        East Southeast                    South

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Elsinore Peak also provides unobstructed line of sight to other sites in Orange County (Signal Peak [Newport Beach], Santiago Peak), San Bernardino County (Crestline, Strawberry Peak, Running Springs, etc.), Riverside County (Box Springs, Daniel Peak), Los Angeles County (Sunset Ridge, Johnstone Peak) and San Diego County (Mt. Palomar, Mt. Woodson, Otay Mt.)

Information concerning the site:

                South Tower                North Tower

Latitude:     33-36-07.38                33-36-8.56
Longitude:  117-20-38.78            117-20-38.94             
Elevation:   3,515                            3,504          Feet AMSL
HAAT:      TBD

FCC Tower    A0418513                A0418520

Address:    35603 Main Divide Truck Trail; Forest Service Site #4 (not for mail)
City:           near Lake Elsinore, CA
County:      Riverside
Airport:      Skylark Airport, 3.5 miles NE

       twin 120’ self-supporting towers, width of 26’ base and 12’ at the top
Space:        Low cost shared floor space and private rooms available
Power:        SC Edison 120/240 Single Phase, 400 amp main panel with stand-by generator.
                 Separate meters available for large tenants. Separate battery space is available.

Phone:         Verizon & Time-Warner have underground fiber facilities that terminate in the building
Location:     6 miles South of Hwy. 74, on South Main Divide (follow signs toward “William ORV”)
Land owner: USDA, Forest Service (A small annual fee will apply to tenants who resell services)
APN:         382-090-004


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